Abby's top five yerba mate flavors

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Despite being late to the Tik Tok trend, I quickly wanted to try these gorgeously aesthetic cans of goodness called “Yerba Mate”. I downloaded Tik Tok at the beginning of quarantine, and although I recently deleted it, I still enjoy some of the fun products I have seen showcased on the app. Whether it is new makeup, a food recipe, style tip, or drink, my for you page was flooded with products I needed… well wanted because the pretty filter said so. Alas, I went to Kroger, scavenged far and wide to find the treasure I was after; Yerba Mates. However, I first tried my least favorite flavor being Revel Berry. Do not be fooled though, after trying all High Energy Cans, I have settled on a favorite. Here is my ranking of the High Energy Can Yerba Mate Flavors going from best to worst;

  1. Enlighten Mint

  2. Lemon Elation

  3. Orange Exuberance

  4. Bluephoria

  5. Revel Berry

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