The tears came even though I didn’t want them to

The day I had to think about life without you

The day you left me with nothing but loose ends

And no chances of ever making amends

I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep

Couldn’t even take a shower without completely breaking down

I guess to you, I was in too deep

And you were fine watching me slowly drown

I listened to every sad song there ever was

I sat in my pity, too upset to be outraged

Finally, one day, I decided to hit pause

And my playlist started to change

I thought of how you treated me

How bad you hurt me

How bad you broke me

How bad I wished you never met me

He doesn’t want me anymore.

And the journey to acceptance

Took lots of tears and hitting the floor

But now that I’m here, I see it from a whole new perspective

If I didn’t have that heartbreak,

I would’ve never met you.

The first time I saw your face, I couldn’t breathe

I promised myself I’d never fall again

And here I am, not able to move my feet

I was terrified to try.

What if you break me just like the last one?

What if you make me feel like I can fly?

And then what if you tell me we’re done?

I’m still not sure if I can completely trust myself

But you’re putting every part of me back together he broke

You’re taking away all the hurt, the pain, my dusty heart on the shelf

You’re leading me through all the smoke

You are my saving grace.

You’re getting me closer to healing every day

You’re getting me out of this painful place

You’re showing me a better way

You’ll never know how much you mean to me

You’ll never understand how much I regret being his

But take my hand, let’s take this ride together and see

If you can truly show me what love is.

- Bella Davis

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