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Read about the newest fashion trends by sophomore Parramoi Jompar

People have many identities that they express themselves through whether it be fashion, hair, culture, or even personalities. However, for Gen Z, fashion is our language. I feel like quarantine and 2020 in general has allowed a lot of people to get to know themselves better. Walking through the halls at school, there is definitely a difference in everyone’s outfits compared to before 2020 and the present. Gen Z fashion incorporates a lot of styles such as street style, indie, alt, etc. Trends from the 90s and early 2000s are even resurfacing again. These are some of the latest fashion trends:

Current Fashion Styles in Trend

  • Layering is extremely popular right now, especially with transitioning from fall into winter. It’s a great way to stay both warm and stylish. Examples of layering can include wearing collared button-ups, mock necks, or turtlenecks under sweatshirts or jackets. If you wear a white collared button-up under a dark sweatshirt, it’s a great contrast that makes your simple outfit pop even more!

  • Leather pieces are great statements to focus your outfit around and look very sleek. The most popular leather pieces currently are leather button-up jackets, along with leather pants and fanny packs.

  • Patchwork pieces became popular after the focus on our environment. The fashion industry is one of the main waste contributors and to solve this issue, many stylists have been creating new pieces out of old fabric scraps. Patchwork jackets, pants, bucket hats, you name it, almost anything can be made out of scraps and look fashionable too.

  • Argyle sweaters started from the trend of the store Brandy Melville. The trend soon took off and now they can be found in multiple colors and styles. These sweaters are the most popular when it comes to layering. They can be found on online stores, thrift stores, or even your parents’ closets! They’re definitely a throwback to the 90's with sweater vests.

Current Fashion Accessories in Trend

  • Bucket hats can be seen in almost every major fashion store. Not only are they useful in the summer, but they stay stylish throughout the fall too. The types of bucket hats range from plain colored ones to crazy patchwork prints and even fluffy ones too!

Bandanas and scarves have become very popular through TikTok because people are using them in multiple creative ways. Teenagers can be seen tying them around their head as a hair accessory or even wearing a long sleeve then folding a printed bandana diagonally and layering it on top. It’s a great way for someone to incorporate fun prints into their outfits.

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