Dr.Suess style Covid 19 poem

A poem written by Jadyn Cohee, Gahanna Lincoln sophomore.


I feel a frown upon my face

As everythings being taken away

And the worst part is

I don’t have a say

I wear my mask

But anti-maskers still choose to be stubborn

Little do you realize how your actions affect your sons and your daughters

I try to keep a smile present

And keep my head high

But it’s hard when the things I love keep saying goodbye

I want to go back to school, make memories and have fun

2020 held a great promise and now we’re all done

Online classes in my room

Stress and homework always near

Covid we’ve suffered enough why are you still here

Life is quite strange with a pandemic to get through

I see your face but I can’t even hug you

It’s hard trying to be happy when the world cries tears

Hope lives as an end to this horror is near

I feel a frown upon my face

Yet it is cured by the ones I hold dear

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