Getting Past The Mercury Retrogade Funk

Junior Evelyn Cansler explains how the Mercury Retrogade can effect you.

It’s no secret that when the seasons change, so do the ways in which we see the world. Our minds get foggy and we feel drained. We wish spring would come faster. Days can seem like they blend together and there is no uniqueness to our week. It all feels repetitive and can get really old. However, what if I told you that icky feeling comes from more than just the short days and cold air? In fact, the alignment of each planet and the retrogrades surrounding us can play a big role in the way we enter this winter season! But first, what exactly is a “retrograde”?

A retrograde is when an inferior planet, such as Venus, passes the Earth in what appears to be a different orbital pattern. It moves back and forth, which is a retrograde direction. Just as the moon pulls our tides, the planets and astrological signs that are associated with them in a certain time, can pull our emotions and mindset in different directions. Retrogrades in specific astrological signs can have both positive and negative effects on us. As of now, Mercury is in Scorpio, and enters into Sagittarius on Tuesday, December 3rd. The Scorpio Retrograde may have you feeling less energetic than you are used to feeling. Your usual zest for life may turn into a lethargic feeling leaving you restless, unfocused and stressed. The upcoming change of Mercury entering into Sagittarius won’t be of much help. It may leave you feeling helpless and repetitive. Luckily, there are some ways to overcome these feelings of exhaustion and stress.

The sign Scorpio is all about passion and drive. The planet Mercury represents renewal. This can be used to your advantage when preparing for the current and upcoming retrogrades! Take this time to really dig deep within yourself, and pick apart the things you feel that are inside of you that could grow. Take the passion and dedication of Scorpio to push yourself to meet your goals. You can accomplish this by completing simple tasks that you would otherwise procrastinate, or simply take one day out of your week to pamper yourself. Do things that make you feel refreshed and clean like taking a long bath or organizing your room. Finish up any school projects you have not finished yet, or reach out to old and familiar friends. Lastly, and most importantly, surrender yourself to the days you feel tired and drained. Allow yourself to feel those feelings but do what you can to soak up good energy. This is a time for self growth and it is important to accept those hard days while still trying to move forward.

Even though it may not seem like it, the days of exhaustion and boredom are there to help us grow. The alignment of the planets can put us in a funk, and it’s up to you to use that to your advantage. Concentrate on those simple tasks that make you feel accomplished, and focus on your inner development. With room for improvement and the dedication to self growth, this Mercury Retrograde has nothing on you! :)

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