Hannah and Hailey’s Essential Albums for Spring

While the seasons change, it’s often normal to change what kind of albums you dive into, too. Here are some of our favorite spring albums!

  1. Since I Left You - The Avalanches

This album is full of bright, explosive songs guaranteed to make any bike ride enjoyable. It's entirely made from samples twisted in creative ways and is a refreshing album for spring.

Favorite Tracks: Since I Left You, Two Hearts in 3/4s Time, Frontier Psychiatrist, Close to You

Genre: Electronic, dance, alternative,

Hannah’s Rating: ★★★★

Hailey’s Rating: ★★★★1/2

2. Bloom - Beach House

Bloom is a synth filled wonderland that will not hesitate to take you to another world when listening. Like its name suggests, the album is great as spring fully “blooms.”

Favorite Tracks: On the Sea, Lazuli, Wild, Myth

Genre: Dream pop, indie rock, indie pop

Hannah’s Rating:★★★★1/2

Hailey’s Rating:★★★★1/2

3. Heaven or Las Vegas - Cocteau Twins

The guitars, drums, and the uniqueness of Elizabeth Fraser’s voice makes Heaven or Las Vegas one of most stunning albums from the 90s. No one sounds quite like the Cocteau Twins and listening to this album in its entirety offers a thrilling yet relaxed experience. This fresh and bright sound is perfect for the spring.

Favorite Tracks: Cherry-Coloured Funk, Iceblink Luck, Heaven or Las Vegas,

Genre: Dream pop, pop, shoegaze

Hannah’s Rating:★★★★★

Hailey’s Rating:★★★★1/2

4. Velocity : Design : Comfort - Sweet Trip

Sweet Trip’s Roby and Valeries’ voices are soft, yet the blasting electronic background creates a stirring, dreamlike feeling as you listen. The tracks are vivid, brilliant electronic pieces.

Favorite Tracks: Dsco, Chocolate Matter, Pro : Lov : Ad, Fruitcake and Cookies

Genre: electronica/dance, glitch, shoegaze

Hannah’s Rating:★★★★

Hailey’s Rating:★★★★★

5. Three Feet High and Rising - De La Soul

Although not on streaming services, Three Feet High and Rising delivers a relaxed, groovy experience great for welcoming in spring. When listening, it’s impossible not to bust out a smile

Favorite Tracks: Eye Know, Plug Tunin’ (Last Chance to Comprehend, Me Myself And I, Change In Speak

Genre: hip hop/rap, jazz rap

Hannah’s Rating:★★★1/2

Hailey’s Rating:★★★1/2

6. Bon Iver - Bon Iver

It’s bittersweet and emotional — a haze of varying guitars, airy vocals and drums floating underneath the melodies of Justin Vernon’s songs. Bon Iver’s self titled album experiments with many different sounds and its melancholy undertones are perfect for a rainy day in spring.

Favorite tracks: Towers, Perth, Holocene, Wash.

Genre: Alternative,indie folk, soft rock

Hannah’s Rating:★★★★★

Hailey’s Rating:★★★1/2

7. Time n’ Place - Kero Kero Bonito

Time n’ Place is an upbeat, enjoyable album that almost feels like an array of colors are being thrown between your ears. It’s cheerful (with some songs taking a somewhat different turn) and sure to make you sing along.

Favorite Tracks: Make Believe, Flyaway, Time Today, Sometimes

Genre: Alternative/Indie rock,dream pop

Hannah’s Rating: ★★★★

Hailey’s Rating: ★★★★

8. Bury Me at Makeout Creek - Mitski

While Mitski’s voice on this album typically remains quiet and reserved, it doesn’t make the album any less beautiful. The album is packed with soft songs, and even some that take a more rock-based approach. However, it’s mainly softer tone encompasses the feeling of spring excellently.

Favorite Tracks: First Love / Late Spring, I Will, Francis Forever, Carry Me Out

Genre: Alternative/Indie rock

Hannah’s Rating: ★★★★★

Hailey’s Rating: ★★★★★

9. Merriweather Post Pavillon - Animal Collective

This album is a jumble of psychedelic, mind blowing, yet still sweet and pure songs. The album’s muffled yet fresh voice is as clear as a sunny day.

Favorite Tracks: In the Flowers, Bluish, My Girls, Summertime Clothes

Genre: Alternative,psychedelic pop

Hannah’s Rating:★★★1/2

Hailey’s Rating:★★★1/2

10. What’s Going On - Marvin Gaye

This album is essential for R&B and is arguably one of the most important and passionate pieces in soul music. Marvin Gaye is able to discuss important issues through his music and talks about what the “American Dream” has come to be. Gaye’s voice is comforting and nice for a picnic or walk in spring.

Favorite Tracks: What’s going on, Save the Children, Right On

Genre: Classic Soul,R&B soul

Hannah’s Rating:★★★★

Hailey’s Rating:★★★★★

11. Born Without Bones - Baby

Born Without Bones experiments with minor keys implemented into their music, perfectly mixing drums and electric guitar together to create a new rock sound. This album is essential for a long car ride and a great album to listen through all the way.

Favorite Tracks- Cancelled, Cheap Terrain, Baby


Hannah’s Rating: ★★★1/2

Hailey’s Rating: ★★★★★

12. Vespertine- Björk

This album has beautiful vocals that mix seamlessly with the production in the background. The music reaches from many different instruments including music boxes, harps, and electronic undertones. This album has such a fresh sound, and is perfect for welcoming in spring time.

Favorite tracks: Hidden Place, Aurora, Undo

Genre:electronic, ambient

Hannah’s rating:★★★★

Hailey’s rating:★★★★

13. Ctrl - Sza

Everyone knows SZA. When putting together this list, it was with no hesitation that CTRL makes the perfect listen-through regardless of the season. This album is filled with not only amazing features such as Kendrick Lamar for Doves in the Wind, but also astounding vocals from SZA herself. All together, it is really hard to think of any flaws for such a well produced and put together album.

Favorite tracks: Doves in the Wind, Prom, Supermodel, Normal Girl

Genre:Neo soul,R&B soul

Hannah’s Rating:★★★★★

Hailey’s Rating:★★★★★

14. Boy in Jeans - Ryan Beatty

Ryan Beatty is clearly able to demonstrate superb and beautiful vocals throughout Boy in Jeans. This album is essential for spring walks, as its upbeat pop and underlying electric guitar is sure to leave you in a good mood.

Favorite Tracks: Cupid, Haircut, Euro


Hannah’s Rating:★★★1/2

Hailey’s Rating:★★★1/2

15. Mort Garson: Mother Earth’s Plantasia

The almost whimsical sound of this album is so funky and cool to listen to while working through any daily task. This album was first made to help aid in plant growth, but is largely known now as one of the most unique and beloved electronic albums of the 70’s.

Favorite tracks: Plantasia, Ode to an African Violet, Baby’s Tears Blues.

Genre: Ambient, electronic

Hannah’s rating: ★★★★

Hailey’s rating: ★★★★

Honorable Mentions

Songs and EPS

  1. Jar of Flies-EP (Alice in Chains)

  2. Touched, When You Sleep (My Bloody Valentine)

  3. She Hangs Brightly (Mazzy Star)

  4. Lady Stardust (David Bowie)

  5. What Is and What Should Never Be (Led Zeppelin)

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