Healing and Change

Losing loved ones tears us apart in ways that are indescribable. Spring often reminds me that as much as thinking about people I’ve lost makes me sad, it should equally make me joyful to know they are always with me. Spring brings new beginnings and new healing. The refreshing season also makes me think of all the good memories and adventures I had with my Grandpa. This poem is for him.

I’m sitting on the curb

I’m looking out onto the street

I’m listening to all the birds chirp

I’m noticing the beautiful, fresh trees

The once wilting flowers start to bloom

The animals come out and come alive

The sky no longer looks like gloom

The world around me starts to arise

Spring always makes me think of you

I’m not exactly sure why, or how I’m feeling

Maybe it’s just because the skies are finally turning blue

But I always feel your presence around this time, and it’s healing

I don’t know why you had to leave us so soon

I truly believe you’re in a better place

When all the birds start to sing in tune

That’s when I can clearly see your face

The winter that we just left behind reminds me of the grief

The new green grass reminds me of your eyes

Everything around me feels like a sigh of relief

Especially those puffy white clouds in the clear skies

Spring brings with it healing and change

I miss you more than words can explain

But I feel all of my sadness going down an imaginary drain

Instead of sadness, I remember I love you,

And you're always with me, in exchange.

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