My best friends

Sophomore Bella Davis explains the impact color has on her firends.

My Best Friends

This girl standing next to me is my best friend

She’s in this crazy life with me until the end

She’s funny, she’s reliable, she’s the perfect blend

When it comes to a best friend, she goes full send

She is African American.

The thought of someone judging her based on her skin color

Is so ignorant and brainless than I can’t even wrap my head around it

When it comes to a best friend, I wouldn’t choose any other

She’s no different than me when it comes down to it

This boy standing next to me is my rock to lean on

He’s patiently listened to so many of my life problems

When we’re together, we’re both slap happy and so gone

Overall as a person, he’s beyond awesome

He is African American.

He’s afraid to go into grocery stores without me.

He’s afraid of what I might say when we listen to the music he likes.

He’s afraid of his future and how he will ever achieve one.

He’s afraid of being who he is.

He’s the best guy I’ve ever met

And I pray to God society will never see him as a threat

My best friends don’t have the same skin color as me

I don’t know why that seems to be wrong in a “free country”

I’m waiting for the day society will open their eyes and see

Your skin color should not decide whether you get to live freely or in fear.

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