On a Cloudy Day

Some days my world turns day and my skies are not blue

But then again there's so much I could do

I love the sound of old typewriters

I love Christmas lights or fireflies, anything that makes the world glow brighter

I love making people laugh and cracking goofy jokes

I'm obsessed with books and all that they hold

I enjoy sunflowers with roses and pastel colors

I admire the trees and the breeze how they flow in the summer

I love music and dancing with the unique feeling it brings

No pun intended but these are some of my favorite things

I look forward to the day I graduate

I look forward to love and a bunch of fun dates

I look forward to having great friends who love me dearly

I look forward to the day I see the world clearly

So when life goes wrong

And I feel alone

I come back to these thoughts

In a place I call home


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