Venus In Astrology

How your Venus sign relates to how you act in relationships

Hailey Kuhl & Estella Swies

In Mitski’s “Nobody,” she begins a line with “Venus planet of love,” and she couldn’t be more right. In astrology, Venus rules how you behave in love as well as your personal love style! Want to learn about how you love? You’re at the right place!

Many people only know their sun signs, the sign that changes every month or so, because it is the easiest part of your own astrology chart to access or calculate. However, in our solar system there are more celestial bodies than just the sun! There’s Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, etc. On the day you were born, during the exact minute you took your first breath (if you know your time of birth), all of the planets were in specific locations that make up your birth chart. Think of it as a picture of the sky when you were born!

Each planet represents a different aspect of you. In this article we will be talking about Venus, the planet of love. Venus heavily influences your relationships, whether that be with friends or significant others.

Everyone has a Venus sign, it is a crucial part of your birth chart. That means me, you, your dog, your friends, etc, everyone you know. Venus changes zodiac signs about every 4-5 weeks. You can find out yours by pulling up your birth chart. This requires a lot of information regarding your birthday to know what sign every planet in your birthchart is in. However, you can also simply look up something such as “Venus sign on (birthday, year)” and still find out what sign your Venus is in.

Now that you know what a Venus sign is, and you have a method to find yours, what does each one mean for you?

Venus in Capricorn: To begin, Venus in Capricorn is often seen as serious and careful about their relationships. Capricorn itself is a stern, studious sign that can

tend to be viewed as cold or distant. However, Venus in Capricorn is mostly just cautious

because they want something that lasts. Once the ice breaks and they become comfortable enough, they will settle down and be fiercely loyal. Those with Venus in Capricorn are not mushy-gushy over the top individuals romantically, but they long for true, lasting love and consistency. They need someone with long term goals. These people want others to know they have self control and they are looking for the real deal.

Venus in Aquarius: Aquarius itself is a quirky, unique sign, being the rarest sign of all. Venus in Aquarius individuals may be people who march to the beat of their own drum and enjoy being unconventional and different in their relationships. They need someone who meets their needs and their specific desires for a relationship. Those with Venus in Aquarius could potentially be described as detached, too different, or too on and off, especially to those who are open and more emotional in their relationships. They enjoy independence and freedom, as well as being more intellectual and distinct.

Venus in Pisces: Pisces, as well as the rest of the water signs, are typically sensitive,

emotional, and dreamy. Pisces in Venus is no different. This placement is very much a dreamer and is very caught up in the fantasies that romance or any other kind of relationship can offer. They are often sweet and playful individuals who love the idea of love and love to explore different dreams and fantasies they imagine. They are very go with the flow in a relationship, but perhaps lack a sense of direction. At times, they may get too caught up in their own little world of what they want and not be able to see through their imaginations. These people need their visions to come true and may be upset if it does not turn out how’d they prefer.

Venus in Aries: Venus in the fiery sign of Aries is a direct, upfront, passionate, and

adventurous individual. These are people who typically enjoy being in control of their relationships. Aries as a whole typically has characteristics of being quite blunt. Those with Venus in Aries are similar in their relationship style; they despise being wishy washy, indirect, and playing games. They want honesty and straightforwardness. These people love being playful and flirty, but also want an adventure. Although they are spunky people, Venus in Aries could potentially come across as “too overbearing” due to their upfront nature and need of different activities to satisfy their adventurous side.

Venus in Taurus: Taurus is often seen as the most, if not then one of the most relaxed signs in astrology. Taurus in Venus is someone who needs comfort and relaxation in their relationships. Furthermore, these individuals appreciate loyalty and consistency, much

like the Capricorn in Venus. However, Taurus in Venus also values a one-on-one intimate kind of relationship and is much less “controlling” or “specific” than a Capricorn placement. Taurus is often described as “stubborn as a bull.” In Venus, Taurus is stubborn due to their dislike of change in a relationship. As aforementioned, they value stability and comfort. Taurus is ruled by Venus and is comfortable in that placement, but needs to maintain that comfort in their relationships.

Venus in Gemini: Gemini is a social and talkative sign, meaning they need to be socially stimulated and have a solid conversation. These are people who are very talkative in their relationships when given the chance, however, if they feel like this feeling is not reciprocated,

they tend to drawback. Similarly to Aries in Venus, these people need stimulation and activities that fulfill them. However, Aries in Venus is significantly more intense than Gemini in Venus. Gemini in Venus desires someone who can hold a legitimate conversation and that they can be understood, but also understand their partner. Those with Gemini in Venus need a solid bond in their relationships, but also need someone fun.

Venus in Cancer: Cancers are often viewed as one of the most emotional signs on the zodiac. Sensitive and loving, a Cancer in Venus placement values family and is very protective of the ones they love. Since they are cautious in love, Cancer venus’ are not one to rush into

relationships. They are extra protective of their heart, with good reason as they suffer greatly when hurt. They tend to be romantic and value deep connection and intimacy. Extremely sentimental, they are loyal and devoted if they feel safe in a connection. Something a Cancer in Venus struggles with is feelings of insecurity in love and they need a partner who clearly expresses emotions and thoughts.

Venus in Leo: Represented by a lion, Leo’s are warm, passionate, and tend to be very social. A Leo in Venus is someone who attracts others through their enchanting charisma and ability to make others around them feel included and heard. This is someone who would speak highly of their partners and friends when they are not around. This placement has the

undeniable power to make a partner feel special and appreciated, and they tend to be playful and extravagant in their emotional expression. One thing Venus in Leo placements needs to work on is their need for validation, as they love being adored and admired, and their occasional theatrical and exaggerated presence.

Venus in Virgo: Virgos are cautious, methodical people. As a Venus in Virgo, this translates to a slow and wary person who takes time to open up to others. However, once they feel comfortable, a Virgo Venus is loving, tender, and affectionate. One with this placement tends

to have a love language that includes acts of service and kindness, liking to be of use to the ones they love and admire. Part of their self-defense, a Virgo in Venus must be careful to not criticize or analyze their friends and loved ones too often, as they fear being hurt by those who are not worthy.

Venus in Libra: Venus in Libra is easily the most romantic placement of the zodiac. Libra rules the planet Venus. These people are in love with love and tend to fall in love quickly. They see the best everyone, a blessing and a curse as it can cause a broken heart. Sensitive to beauty and aesthetics, these placements are reactive to sweet romantic gestures, such as poems,

hand-written letters, or a candle-lit dinner. They are very perceptive and can harmonize various energies around a room. Easily attached to others, a Venus in Libra thrives in all kinds of relationships. These people are naturally charming, friendly, and persuasive, capturing their desires with ease.

Venus in Scorpio: One word to describe a Scorpio would be intense. Someone with their Venus in Scorpio is full of a consuming passion. Any Scorpio placement comes off as mysterious and this is no different. These people yearn for complete, total, commitment, and are the most likely to unsarcastically use the phrase “ride or die.” Drawing a thin line

between fierce devotion and obsession, one with this placement wants their partners and friends to be as fully indulged in the relationship as them, which is a lot. However, when something does not go right for this person, their vengeful and unforgiving tendencies can do more harm than good, showing it would benefit them to let go of old, painful, grudges no longer serving them.

Venus in Sagittarius: Someone with their Venus in Sagittarius is a naturally desirable friend. They are very adventurous and tend to be a bit harder to “pin down,” and need excitement, variety, and freedom in their relationships. Something especially important to these people is that their friends and partners generally share similar beliefs, values, and morals as them. Fearing being controlled and losing their freedom, friendships are commonly easier than

romantic relationships for a Venus in Sagittarius. They only need to beware of unrealistic expectations and fearing loss of independence so much that they refuse to make commitments.

Now that you know more about the different signs in Venus, do you think yours is accurate?

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